Gomebox offers various solutions for you or your business.
Security of the IT-environment are the headlines of the day. To be sure that your network is sufficient shielded against intruders from either inside or outside, you can contact Gomebox. Virus protection, firewall and proxy, policies, safe internet, home networks, all through VPN are only some examples we have to offer.

When a corporation doesn't have sufficient expertise on IT-platforms, then it is most profitable, before reaching a decision about future investments, to contact Gomebox for advisements that will help you reaching your decision.
When an advise has been given, or an project has been completed by a company other then Gomebox and you want to be sure that you'll get what you paid for, then it might be wise to hire Gomebox. An Expert Opinion may give you a clean vision on business, where your knowledge may not be sufficient.
Gomebox can give you advice about your IT- year plan, yet to be realized infrastructures, clustering, security and WiFi Networks (wireless).



Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is a real-time chat system, connecting clients on many different servers. People can talk to eachother one on one, or in a more public environment in channels (think CB radios). You need to download and install a client. For a Windows machine, the most popular client is mIRC. If you are running a flavor of Unix, a popular client is EPIC. You should refer to the home pages for the clients with questions about installation. Once you have your client installed, you have to connect to a server.

Since 2005 gomebox shares interests in IRC Solutions. Therefor we have started our own irc network and irc solutions like; bots, eggdrops, ircbased chatrooms, etc. With our own irc network, we want to gather alot of different people from all over the world to let them all support their needs. For example, gaming clans. With our knowledge we will help everywhere we can and we offer our special dedicated irc bots and eggdrops for you, on our network or on request on an other irc network.

In case you want to have more information about what Gomebox has to offer or can do for you, then please feel free to contact us.
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