The internet is a fast growing business, and also in online hosting. Web-hosting means just more then connecting to a website through the internet... You need just more then only your pc if you want to have a good and stable website.  
  Gomebox is a dutch based internet services company offering hosting solutions for any circumstances. From personal users to professional business consumers we maintain a consistent, top quality service focusing on putting the customer first.  
  Gomebox thinks the succes to a good webhosting depends on 4 factors: price, content, service and quality. It's not easy these days to find a good and cheap hosting to put your site on, so Gomebox just does it.  
  Gomebox strives strive to make their technical support service world class, with excellent staff who have experience with networking, programming and internet solutions. Whether your question is hosting related or not, you are sure to receive a fast informative answer from the support team.  
  We hosts decent hostingservers for decent prices for serious hosters. We use high-end intel-cpu's with finetuned Linux-systems adminned by Linux-specialists. We don't overload our servers, because we believe that having satisfied customers is more important than making more profits.  
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