Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is a real-time chat system, connecting clients on many different servers. People can talk to eachother one on one, or in a more public environment in channels (think CB radios). You need to download and install a client. For a Windows machine, the most popular client is mIRC. If you are running a flavor of Unix, a popular client is EPIC. You should refer to the home pages for the clients with questions about installation. Once you have your client installed, you have to connect to a server.

Since 2005 gomebox shares interests in IRC Solutions. Therefor we have started our own irc network and irc solutions like; bots, eggdrops, ircbased chatrooms, etc. With our own irc network, we want to gather alot of different people from all over the world to let them all support their needs. For example, gaming clans. With our knowledge we will help everywhere we can and we offer our special dedicated irc bots and eggdrops for you, on our network or on request on an other irc network.

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  Nickserv is a nick registration service allows users to register a nickname by providing a password, preventing other users from using it. NickServ registration is required for such things as registering channels and sending/receiving memos.
  Chanserv, channel registration service, supplies users with a way to secure their channels from takeovers. Founding a channel gives a user the right to add and remove ops and akicks, lock channel modes, etc.
MemoServ allows users to send memos to other users with registered nicks even when they are offline. Memos can be sent to individual users or to all ops in a specific channel.

The newsserv service is a news spreading tool. It allows the user to view the latest news sent by news operators. Generally, the news are about things that are happening at the moment or that happened throughout the day, which makes this service a very good mien of staying up-to-date with the news about the network and the world. However, the user can unsubscribe himself from this service.

If you have questions, comments or problems feel free to send us an email: You also can visit the channel #help on our network.
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