NewsServ allows you to read online news selected by subscription. You have various commands you can use by typing /NewsServ command. For more information on a specific command, type /NewsServ HELP command.

  LIST ;List of available subjects and subscriptions
Syntax: /newsserv LIST
  More information: /newsserv help list
  SUBSCRIBE ;Subscribe a subject
Syntax: /newsserv SUBSCRIBE number [,number] | ALL
Example: /newsserv SUBSCRIBE 1 ,3
  More information: /newsserv help subscribe
  UNSUBSCRIBE ;Unsusbcribe a subject
  Syntax: /newsserv UNSUBSCRIBE number [,number] | ALL
  Example: /newsserv UNSUBSCRIBE 1 ,3
  More information: /newsserv help unsubscribe
  SET ;Set options
  Syntax: /newsserv SET NOTICE [parameters]
  Example: /newsserv SET NOTICE on
  More information: /newsserv help set

RECENT ;List most recent delivered news

  Syntax: /newsserv RECENT
  More information: /newsserv help recent
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